01. The King was dressed in [garments] of the finest materials, and a golden crown was upon his head.
02. Hazel has a job fitting [garments] for actors in a local theater production.
03. When testing a patient's blood pressure, [garments] worn over the arm may interfere with obtaining a proper measurement.
04. The Pharaohs of ancient Egypt wore [garments] made of fabric featuring threads of pure gold.
05. She works as a clothing buyer in the [garment] district of New York City.
06. The aliens were dressed in [garments] of an unknown material.
07. [Garment] workers in the factory are paid very low wages and have to work very long hours.
08. The actors were dressed in beautiful silk [garments] of various bright colors.
09. The [garments] on display at the fashion show were simply fantastic.
10. A Moroccan proverb suggests that a good name is more valuable than a velvet [garment].
11. A traditional proverb notes that borrowed [garments] never fit well.
12. A Romanian proverb notes that the needle is small, but it sews expensive [garments].
13. Georg Buchner once stated that government must be a transparent [garment] which tightly clings to the people's body.
14. Victor Hugo wrote, "Woman, nude, is the blue sky. Clouds and [garments] are an obstacle to contemplation. Beauty and infinity would be gazed upon unveiled."
15. William Wordsworth wrote, "This city now doth, like a [garment], wear the beauty of the morning."

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.

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